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Татьяна Устинова
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Татьяна Полякова
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Александра Маринина
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Even if there is a huge amount of different and interesting books from all around the world, sometimes you just want to feel like transported back home, in your motherland. This might happen if you are Russian and live abroad, you might want to read a Russian book and being carried inside some original Russian novels and travel within the boundaries of the narrator story. Or maybe you are just interested in Russian literature and you would like to read more about it while practicing the language. In both of these cases, KnigaNYC online Russian bookstore is the right option for you. The KnigaNYC website is the best place where to find the most classic and traditional Russian books online. Based in New York, it is a Russian bookstore that sells Russian books online worldwide to its customers. KnigaNYC it’s also one of the most popular Russian book online store in the United States, and with more than 150.000 different titles has one of the biggest catalogs of Russian books online that you can choose from, so basically, you will have something new to read anytime you want.


On the other hand, KnigaNYC website also offers a great selection of classic Russian books, and no matter how electronic devices became a big part of our everyday life, paper books remain extremely popular. Here are some reasons why you should prefer one instead of the other:

A book is a physical object

And just that, it's worth all the gold in the world! The book is palpable. It appeals to our different senses (the touch, the smell, and the feels). A book flips, bites, feels. Who has never taken a deep breath to breathe the smell of his book? Unlike reading on a tablet, taking a book in hand is the weight, pay attention to its cover, the way it is connected, the paper used. It appeals to our emotions and makes us dream more than the design of a reader!

A book finds its place in a library

Books are a real decorative object, for example, who has never dreamed of having a huge library at home? The library is a piece of furniture open to the other, with real social power. It attracts the eye and curiosity of our guests, likely to create a topic of discussion or future purchase! You cannot boast of your eBook collection on your tablet.

Paper books have a relaxing effect.

In this digital age, we spend so many hours facing screens, whether it is our smartphone, our PC or even television. The reason why to read a paper book is also to cut and disconnect from the virtual world for a better escape to relax. Our eyes are also more tired because of the blue light that comes from the screens, and it’s considered harmful by many researchers!


But when it comes to books, the duel between paper and digital always divides the people of book lovers. Is it really better an eBook reader or a nice paper book bought in the trusted library? To choose, you always have to do the pros and cons of everything, and

· Are you a traveler? So you perfectly know how much paper books weigh in your luggage! Sometimes we are forced to choose only one out of all the ones we would like to take with us. Instead, with an eBook reader, weighing just a few pounds, you can choose all the Russian eBooks that you want and carry with yourself hundreds of titles.
  • You want to read that book a bit scabrous, embarrassing, maybe while you're on the subway or on the bus, and you are ashamed that somebody glances and quips on the cover? With the eBook, this is absolutely avoidable!
  • Those who like to browse through the pages of a book and have a real physical relationship with the card, do not believe they can enjoy themselves by manipulating an eBook reader or Kindle, for example. But it is a small sensation compared to the total, the rest is given by words and content.
  • With an eBook, if we find a particularly interesting piece, we can select it and immediately send it to whoever we want. And if someone talks about a certain book, you can search for it and download it immediately, without leaving home or wasting time. You immediately start reading it and enjoying it. In the same way, we can immediately have the following of that very interesting book available: a real pleasure.
  • Loving books also means accumulating them. But at some point, there are too many inside the house. No problem with the very thin eBook reader.
  • Beautiful, beautiful old editions, bound, so precious and prestigious! But how inconvenient to carry around! And then, it would be a shame if they were ruined! None of this with digital.
  • And then, extra-large sizes require bulky bags. The eBook reader, on the other hand, also carries itself in a pocket!
  • Do you like reading in bed and your partner frequently gets annoyed by the light on? With eBook reader backlighting, just quarrels!
  • You can download all kinds of Russian eBooks, even for free, if they are so old that they no longer have copyright. And many publications by emerging authors are available, eager to make themselves known. At no cost.
  • The number of libraries lending their eBooks is increasing, all without leaving home, in complete comfort.
  • EBooks are an eco-friendly option for whoever wants to reduce its cost and lower their environmental impact. Digital eBooks allow you to save a ton of trees everything. In addition to preserving forest and biodiversity, eBooks are available instantly which means no transportation and a lower carbon impact.
  • The average Russian eBook price is significantly lower than the average printed book. 5$ against 10$.
  • When you stop reading, your eBook reader device will remember where you left off. As soon as you open the eBook up to continue reading again, it will take you to the exact spot where you left off last time. You can switch back and forth on pages and different books without ever losing your place or having to reread pages you already read before.


When speaking about books we always tend to consider reading a more serious listening activity, but that this is only a bias. The audiobook is able to give us an equally enriching experience of the book and represents a market sector with strong growth opportunities. Is reading a book a more serious and demanding activity than listening to someone read for us? Contrary to what people might think, the answer is no. Thus, listening to a Russian audiobook is no less valuable than reading one alone, although we tend to consider the latter as a more intellectual activity, which requires more attention.

We think that reading is more tiring

We tend to think that reading alone, with one's own eyes, is more challenging than listening to someone read for us because this brings us back to childhood when we didn't know how to read at all. As children, being able to finish the chapter of a story deliberately left in the middle by our parents, a challenge to be overcome, a skill to acquire absolutely.

Growth of audiobooks sales in the USA

Apparently, however, prejudice begins to be overcome. The sale of audiobooks in recent years has in fact increased.

The audiobook authentic impression

Thanks to the author's voice, the audiobook acquires the value of a document and adds a new dimension to contemporary literature. The inflection of the voice, its unique color, gives the impression of greater authenticity, and it is pleasant to hear a reading that is not perfect and aseptic, but alive, as when someone reads to us a text that is particularly close to his heart. With Russian audio books also manage to convey a lot of thanks to the perfectly successful mix of words, music and sound effects. An experience that everyone should try at least once.

The creation process of an audiobook

The genesis of an audiobook, then, is a fantastic journey. The realization is long and completely handmade. Accurate and meticulous is the work of the actors on the text, to understand it thoroughly and learn to interpret times and tones. Then there is a work of audio editing, which often involves the addition of music or sound effects, which will have to dictate the rhythm of the entire interpretation by adding pauses where necessary. A complete replay of the work to identify any vocal typos is indispensable. Behind every Russian audiobook, there are about seven or eight hours of work.


So what are the characteristics, in the common mentality, of a "Russian" novel? What is this "Russian" character that makes them so unique? It’s the mixture of drama and irony, a philosophical imprint wisely unfolded and translated into prose, a juxtaposition between lightness and depth, an extraordinary ability to tell an era and a spirit, yet extraordinarily compelling despite - in some cases - the discouraging length. Strongly inserted in the historical and social context of the time but still extremely current due to the subjects dealt with, the novels masterpieces of Russian literature go beyond time, becoming the testimony of a way of understanding life, of approaching art and the world that it transcends all contingencies becoming universal. The Russian spirit, then, is tormenting oneself and reflecting on existence and on society, painting right down to the smallest details, elaborating and at the same time telling, reflecting and creating, going so far as to transcend the word to become something that goes away well; which, by saying and writing reality, arrives at determining and dictating it, so that literature becomes reality itself. Now that we talked so much about Russian books you probably became fascinated by Russian literature want some advice on readings not to be missed? Then you should definitely start from one of these classic Russian literature books:

The Kreutzer Sonata by Leo Tolstoy

The uxoricide is a very modern theme, the setting on the train is suggestive, the character-protagonist, diabolical and male chauvinist, and the crime of passion, worthy of Dostoevsky, make Tolstoy less bigot than it seems. The provocative thesis of chastity as a remedy for social degeneration gives the novel giving it a very interesting philosophical tone.

Oblomov by Ivan Goncharov

A timeless classic which is less known that should be, Goncharov's novel is decidedly brilliant. The rejection of the “carpe diem”, the allegory of endemic sloth, of fear and disgust for life and social relations, the soft stillness of mind of Oblomov make him one of the most unique and successful characters of the entire world literature.

The Suitcase by Sergei Dovlatov

A real must for those who want to fully understand the Russian literature, grasp the uses, the life, the thoughts of the Soviet period. An amusing and ironic novel. Dovlatov has a style of his own, capturing his unique Jewish humor will get you into a parallel world. Never recognized in his country as a great writer, hindered and forced by the Soviet regime to emigrate to America, Dovlatov is nowadays recognized both in Russia and in the whole world for his extraordinary literary and critical talent.

The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

A masterpiece worth reading. The figures of Ivan Karamazov and Smerdjakov are among the most cursed, brilliant and iconic characters of the Russian literature of all time. The part of the Legend of the great Inquisitor has now become one of the most famous suspense thrillers scenes of our time.

Cancer Ward by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

An unusual masterpiece on the subject of cancer, the evil of the century, which not only offers a glimpse of the hospital life of the 1950s in Uzbekistan and of the doctor-patient relationship but which also, through a plurality of characters, conveys thoughts and criticisms towards the Stalinist regime and the Soviet period.

The Storm by Alexander Ostrovsky

An undervalued masterpiece and precursor of Anna Karenina, it has some curious analogies with the plot of the famous novel by Tolstoy, developed however in the petty bourgeois environment of the Volga merchants. A Mystic River of the times, a petty bourgeois drama much deeper and more multifaceted than it appears at first glance.

A Hero of Our Time by Mikhail Lermontov

The first novel in which Russian roulette appears, set in the unusual landscape of southern-Caucasian Russia, shows a romantic and bored hero, seduced by impossible challenges whose victories he doesn't know what to do with. Emblem of fatalism and divided into episodes, it is a classically Russian novel in the most proper sense of the term, placed in its time but not lacking in bourgeois boredom, the hunt for strong emotions typical of our days.

Laughter in the Dark by Vladimir Nabokov

A novel very similar to and preceding Lolita, it oscillates between comedy and drama with a boldness that makes it, even today, itchy. The fatal seduction of a little girl who is little more than an adolescent drags a middle-aged man into a descending parable, diabolical and seductive.

Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

One of the writer's most mature novels, with an irresistible and very characteristic initial monologue. A more intimate, theatrical and self-centered Dostoevsky, a tormented confession that oscillates between desperation and self-irony that makes us feel so close to him when he tells us that he is ignored and scorned by his former classmates, to take it irreparably for little things, to send everything always, unmistakably, to put Dostoevsky's genius out of place here is at the maximum power of introspection and maturity.

Heart of a Dog by Mikhail Bulgakov

A bizarre and metaphorical novel in pure Bulgakov style, which oscillates between allegory, satire, science fiction, and comedy, strongly censored and criticized at the time, the Russian "Frankenstein" translates into the iconic figure of a hybrid man- cane, an unsuccessful and uncomfortable experiment that causes very current ethical issues (just think of cloning), warning about the dangers of wanting to pursue "science without conscience". To taste and grasp the political satire of the time, expertly conveyed by Bulgakov through amusing metaphors.

Work, personal life and other issues can increase your stress levels. Stress is misleading and it is necessary to stop it before it leads to health problems. A good book can transport the mind to other dimensions, distracting us from the many everyday thoughts and allowing the body to relax. Kniga understands how hard it is to live abroad and the struggle to discover where to buy the Russian books that you are looking for. It knows also that it can become a real challenge to find them in American bookstores, so now hopefully now you will be able to get everything you are looking for from Kniga online bookstore.